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PC/Laptop Services

Virus Removal Services

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Virus or Spyware
Signs that you may have a virus
  • Popups appearing when your browser is not open.

  • Random messages appear requesting you scan your pc (not from your regularly installed virus protection)

  • Friends, family, or business associates inform you that they received phantom messages from your email

  • PC/Laptop performance is very sluggish, random, freezing or abruptly reboots

  • Errors on device bootup or endless boot loops

  • Unable to uninstall programs or get into system setting

  • Home page set to suspicious site(s)

  • Excessive extra toolbars in your internet explorer browser

So, how can we help?
  • We come to you or in most cases access remotely -No need to haul computer hardware around, or leave your home

  • Isolate and eliminate any viruses, spyware, malware and rootkits from your valued computer system

  • Say goodbye to lethargic performance, frustrating pop-ups, suspicious activity

  • Alpha Digital Solutions will use industry leading tools to ensure that we apply the most effective solution to get your PC/Laptop up and running immediately! 

Choose your Solution
Free Remote Diagnostic

If your device can connect to the internet and programs can still be installed, we may be able to do a free diagnostic to review your options 

Drop Off

Bring your device to ADS and we'll return it virus Free!!

We Pickup

Unable to bring it to us? No problem.  We'll pick it up and drop it off virus free!

(subject to terms/conditions)

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