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Upgrade Hardware


If your PC or laptop is less than 4 to 5 years old, it may be a good investment to upgrade. Most of the time adding 8 mb of memory will drastically improve the overall performance of your device. Running out of hard drive space? Find out if it's better to swap out your current drive or simply add another drive. Depending on your needs you may benefit even more by swapping out your SATA drive to an SSD. Upgrading to an SSD drive speeds up the overall performance of your machine. With an SSD there are no moving parts and you will experience faster boot times and program starts in addition to even faster webpage loading. 

Upgrade Hardware Upgrade Services
  • RAM: Your computer uses RAM, (random access memory), to perform functions and operations. More RAM allows your computer to perform tasks simultaneously and run faster. You can boost performance by installing additional RAM or replacing the existing computer hardware with larger memory sticks

  • Hard drive: Hard drives on most laptop and desktop computers are modular and can be easily swapped for a faster model with a larger memory capacity. With a larger hard drive, you can store more programs, music and photos. You can even install more than one hard drive in a desktop computer to expand storage or back up files. (e.g. "out of memory") error message when trying to print documents.

  • Optical disc drive: Upgrading to a new DVD burner or a Blu-ray disc drive will give your computer new capabilities. An optical drive is easy to install, and you may even be able to install multiple drives on the same desktop, with one drive as the master drive and a second as a “slave” drive.

  • Video card: Graphics processing units, or video cards, are for computers that handle heavy image processing in video games and 3-D rendering software. A new video card can boost the graphics, processing ability, allowing you to play the latest games or use your computer as a high-definition entertainment center with your HDTV.

So, what's the solution?
  • Most of our hardware upgrade services can be performed the same day.

  • Hard drive installations includes the backup of your data up to 1TB (add an additional $30 for drives over 1TB)

*Pick up & drop off are subject to terms and conditions.

Memory/Optical Drives Upgrades - Drop Off

Bring your device to us and we'll have it ready in 30 minutes or less

Memory/Optical Drive Upgrades - In Home Service

We will install the memory in your home in 30 minutes or less!

Hard Upgrades -
Drop Off

We will install your new drive and have it ready within 2 hours

Hard Upgrades -

We  can install the memory in your home and have it ready within 2 hours

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