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Smart Home Services

Smart Thermostat Installation and Setup

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ADS recommends the following product:
Why a Smart Thermostat?
  • Gives you the ability to control your comfort remotely

  • Setup automatic schedules that learn your temperature behaviors to save on energy costs

  • Sends instant alerts when you're away if your home is too warm or cool

  • Remote access that allows Alexa to change your temperature using voice commands

What's included in this service?
  • Assessment of your current thermostat

  • Smart thermostat installation up to and including assessing infrared thermometer heat reading/functionality 

  • Smart thermostat configuration to current WiFi network

  • Mobile app/ Alexa installation & configuration 

  • User training to operate new thermostat system

Smart Thermostat Service

Schedule Today!

ADS will get your smart thermostat configured and ready for you to  remotely control

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