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PC/Laptop Services

Operating System Upgrade

Windows 10 upgrade.jpeg

Let ADS upgrade your unsupported Windows 7 or  Windows 8 device(s)

  • ADS will install or reinstall your Windows 10 or higher operating system.  Current windows product key required

  • We will ensure all necessary drivers for your hardware are properly installed

  • Backup files up to 1TB (if doing a full service install)

  • Reinstall compatible Windows 10 software or higher (Office, Adobe, Printshop, etc.) if performing full service install. (Software must be provided to tech)

  • Current Windows systems updates will be applied

Windows 10/11 Upgrade/Drop-off 

Bring your device to us and we'll return it upgraded with Windows next day

Windows 10/11 Upgrade/Pickup

We will pick up and return your newly upgraded Windows device next day

*Pick up & drop off are subject to terms and conditions.

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